-Rosanna's and Anna's Concept-

Originated when these companions began coincidentally appearing at the same gatherings, inadvertently adorned in matching ensembles or sporting identical items. This initial notion swiftly transformed into a fully-fledged blueprint for a venture, rooted in their shared passion for fashion, adornments, expeditions, and journeys.

Pooling the insights garnered from their distinct vocations in global charitable organizations and the realm of style, Anna and Rosanna joined forces to establish The ARC Room. Here, they furnish their patrons with a distinctive outlook on crafting and enriching individual panache. While collaborating with numerous local and internationally acclaimed designers, they uphold two principles pivotal to their mission: ensuring that women feel empowered, at ease, and exuding beauty, while concurrently endorsing and bolstering fellow female entrepreneurs and local women-owned enterprises.

The ARC Room serves as an anthology of clothing, embellishments, and jewelry curated from the preferred artisans of Anna and Rosanna. They extend a warm invitation to all to peruse, partake in forthcoming trunk showcases, and partake in on-site events alongside regional commercial associates, encapsulating the essence of their establishment.